The Universe saying, "YES!"

All the feels

Not long ago, Edison and I stopped, mid-dog walk, at a friend’s house to return an item I had borrowed. On the inside, I was processing all the feels I was experiencing. A coaching client had signed for a new group program and paid for a year in advance. Their commitment, combined with my excitement about the work felt like the universe was whispering, “Yes!” 

The feeling doubled

I was relaying this recent success story to my friend with my eyes closed behind my sun glasses, blissing out on how it feels to have so many years of study, work and practice, grow into something so life giving to so many, and my eyes began to fill with happy tears. As I opened them, I was surprised that my friend was coming in for a congratulatory hug. The whole feeling doubled. “She gets it,” I thought. This feeling I thought was complex, maybe wasn’t after all. She was telling me how authentically happy she was for me, inside of this huge hug. My heart swelled. The universe’s,“YES!”grew louder. 

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

As Edison and I continued our stroll along the canal, at a stop sign a lady rolled down her window and said “Hey, looking good!” I said, “Hi, how are you,” while squinting in the bright sun shine in an attempt to recognize her. Then she began to apologize saying she thought I was her friend, and she was mistaken. Before the light changed, I called out, “No worries, we probably do know each other somehow!” 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon becomes like 1.5 degrees in my neighborhood. 

Hands free

On a little farther a boy around 11, riding his bike, hands free along the tow path, smiled widely and said, “I love your dog!” I grinned, “Thanks, me too!” 


What do all these encounters have in common and why did they feel like a cherished gift? People reaching out, connecting, sharing a hug, a smile and a kind word all are a kind of affirmation of life for both giver and receiver. Whether in close relationship or accidental encounter, connection is what it is all about. Seeing and being seen. The distances between us close. The walls are demolished in simple gestures of connection. Listen closely and you can hear, the Universe exclaim, “YES, YES, YES!” 

Lori Bisser