No Regerts


Recently I designed a couple of shirts at It was super fun and easy. “Choose Peace,” & “I love you & God loves you more,” seemed like great motifs for my mindfulness sessions in the schools. In short order, I received my t-shirt and sweatshirt with messages and colors that I love. I was smitten. Now that the cooler weather has been making the mornings crisp, I was happy to wear the super soft periwinkle blue sweatshirt. I’ve worn it now like 6 times. Walking to school, at the lake with friends, kind of any chance I had, I was sporting my creation.

“Hey, I’m up here!”

Maybe no one mentions it because they actually don’t notice. Or, you've seen how this works: Tehse wrods may look lkie nosnesne, but yuo can raed tehm, cna't yuo? Maybe politeness has kept people from staring at my chest to see if they are seeing what they think they are seeing, or maybe that same politeness has kept people from commenting on my foible. 

No Regerts. 

You’ve seen the tattoo fails online right? "No regerts." Wellllllllll…. Maybe I have some regerts around not proofreading my custom sweatshirt more closely. What was supposed to be an invitation, and reminder to, “Choose Peace,” became a pronouncement. It literally just dawned on me this morning as I was driving. I laughed out loud at the stop sign. The letters across my chest glaring up at me as the realization crept in to my consciousness. "Chose Peace." It is true, I “chose peace.” Over and over again. I have chosen peace. On the daily. For years. So I’ve labeled myself: Chose Peace. Agh! It's good to be human. I guess, at least it is not a tattoo. ; )

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give me that bliss

Lori Bisser