All things in moderation... including moderation.

"Discipline is the cornerstone of success." You’ve heard that right? I agree. Buuuuut, knowing when to break your own rules, and do something out of the norm is a different kind of discipline. It’s like one of my favorite sayings, “all things in moderation, including moderation.” 

Roll with it. Life is full of surprises, so I say, roll with it baby! (Now that song is playing in your head right? :)  

On the daily. Daily yoga practice and meditative prayer are my norm. BUT when I become too regimented I lose creativity and focus because I tend to become rigid, myopic. This is not my natural state. 

Enough have-to's. I have learned to become aware of when a daily disciple is beneficial and when it is no longer serving me. When it starts to feel like the discipline has becomes a millstone instead of an invitation, a “have to,” instead of a joy, I know it is time for a shift.   

Variety, the spice of life. Over the years I have practiced daily journaling, centering prayer, numerous variety of meditation, tapping, painting, chant, affirmation, praying the rosary, walking, even running. (<gasp> that one didn’t stick for long!) 

Tool box. ALL were helpful and served for as long as they did. Then, I move on to something else or circle back to one of them because they don’t go anywhere. It’s like having a tool box full of goodness.  

It's all about relationship. Yoga and meditative prayer, (a.k.a. contemplative prayer,) are the only practices that have stuck through it all. Meditative prayer for me, includes the talking and the listening. It is relationship building with the Divine. 

Journey inward toward the Divine. Yoga for me is prayerful meditation, and meditative prayer is yoga. Yoking mind, body and spirit to become one with the Divine in relationship. Praying whether in movement or in stillness, serves the same uniting purpose of bringing me closer to peace, to love to unity.

Lori Bisser