What to brinG: 

A yoga mat & water.

What to do:

Eat light. It is usually advised to fast 2 hours prior to a yoga class.

What to weaR:

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.


Early Bird Vinyasa


Friday 6:00 am | Rivi upstairs
Get your day started with this mixed level class combining Vinyasa flow with breath to awaken your senses.

Community Class


Tuesday 8:15 am | IHM gathering space
Yoga for everybody learn how to modify to make each pose your own with props and adjustments. Class is located in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Gathering Space.

Warm Yoga and Yoga Hot Lunch


Tuesday 9:45 am | Rivi downstairs
Thursday 11:45am | Rivi downstairs

We heat the room to about 90 degrees - flow and dwell in poses to unlock the power of intention.

Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils at Embarque


Sunday 10:30am | Embarque
Leave the world behind, and restore yourself, mind body and spirit. Enjoy 75 minutes of sweet surrender to the support of props in passive yoga poses designed to offer a deep stretch for your body, rest for your mind and recharge for your spirit.   

Corporate Yoga


Locations and times vary- ask your company about hosting a lunch time yoga break.

Private Yoga

Private yoga is for you if; 

  1. You've never tried yoga and would like private instructions on the basics before entering the classroom

  2. You are seeking a custom experience in connecting body mind and spirit

  3. You are working on a developing a particular area of your life using your body as the gateway

  4. You would like to experience yoga in a more intimate setting together with your family or another small group

  5. You want to celebrate a milestone by achieving a pose that seems beyond your reach.

  6. There are many more reasons! Contact me and we can chat!