Do you feel stuck?

More “meh” about life than usual?

1) Good for you for noticing something’s off; and

2) For loving yourself enough to seek a better way

By the way, you’re not alone.

Lot’s of my clients have gone through something similar.

Sometimes it feels like autopilot has taken over our lives, which can start to feel like we’re on a hamster wheel with no escape plan.

I’ve found, once we go after the thoughts that keep them from moving through it, they find their joy through some pretty simple and often overlooked practices.

That’s where I come in.


Hi! I’m Lori, a yoga instructor and life coach for creatives.

I specialize in guiding my clients past their limiting thoughts and habits that hold them back.

I help them realize their potential in relationship, career and life in general.

When a person is sick physically, they see a doctor

When a person is well physically and they want to improve, they see a personal trainer

When a person is challenged with a mental disorder they see a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

When a person is well mentally, but is seeking to improve their life, they hire a life coach


What clients are saying…

Lori, is an amazing, compassionate, energized, loving, intelligent and kind Coach. She gets me. She tells me straight up what she thinks and feels and I love it. I can relate to her and she can relate to me on so many levels. I feel lucky that our paths crossed and we will continue to grow together from afar. She supports me in my adventure of being more courageous and moving forward in my life. I feel safe and understood with her. She is authentic and real and which in return allows me to show up with my real self. Highly recommend her as a Life Coach if you need somebody who truly has your back and will support your growth.
— Lisa B.

I’ve known Lori for several years, her energy, kindness, warm heart and beautiful smile always brighten anybody’s day! When I found out she was a Life Coach, I knew it was  my turn to try this out. With her guidance, I’m learning how to organize my thoughts, focus on my priorities and, above all, pay more attention to my own feelings. I’d recommended the Life Coaching experience and especially Lori! As I told her on one of our last sessions, I’m noticing little changes in the way I face my day-to-day challenges, for better! 
— Paulo Castro

I was intrigued when I saw Lori Bisser offered a free 20 minute life coaching session. What was a life coach? Do I need one? I felt a small voice inside me say “Yes”! I’m so glad I did! Lori helps me dig through the sometimes chaotic thoughts and stuff of life and bring clarity and direction to my path. She brings her faith and much life experience and training into every session. She is not a passive listener, but a proactive problem solver, friend and counselor. I highly recommend her to anyone that desires to explore their life’s passions, problems to progress past roadblocks that keep you from reaching your full potential personally and professionally.
— Beth Clary Schwier