What sucks?

I got nuthin'

Depending on my client's current stage of the change cycle, I often open a coaching call with, "So, tell me what sucks?"  As we use creative coaching tools on the thoughts that hold them back, change begins. I love the moment when we turn a corner and the answer to "what sucks?" is, “NOTHING!” This is cause for celebration because he or she is entering a new phase, which can be both exciting and scary. 

Don't be a frog

Change is inevitable, and yet we often avoid it like the plague, even if we are miserable. It's a lot like how a frog will stay in a pot of water even as the heat increases to boiling instead of jumping out. As the temperature rises, the frog loses energy to try to changes its situation. Don't be a frog.

My favorite

Recently, I asked a client, “What sucks,”  and got my favorite answer, “NOTHING!” She said, as we worked together she began to feel something like, “washing it (the stress,) all away.” Here’s what she had to say;

Sleep is good

"When you started coaching me, I was spread thin and easily broken, now I feel proud of how things are going. I am ready to learn and push myself to enter into another phase!  My art is worth it, I am worth it. I’m very excited for this focus. I am moving forward! It makes me feel good to know I am going to be working in my art. ALSO -I am sleeping well now! I had been grinding my teeth at night and now—I notice my teeth don’t hurt all the time! It’s been a long time since my teeth didn’t hurt. I am getting systems in place for the family for daily things to go more smoothly. Without the stress, we are feeling more like us!  So much life has come back as far as the enjoyment piece. I have taken a lot of judgement off myself. What these past few months have taught me is I am worth it, and my whole family is benefitting."

Find your happy

I say it all the time, the best gift you can give the world is a happier you, and that is what coaching does for you. Helps you find your happy again! 

2 ways for YOU to try coaching: 


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I'm ready to reconnect mind body and spirit

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