Recover Aliveness

Apple juice anyone?

Like yoga has proliferated the world, mindfulness is becoming almost a lifestyle brand. One could argue that both have been watered down. But maybe that’s not all bad. Often we water down things to make them more digestible. Like apple juice for little ones. 

An invitation to explore

Yoga and mindfulness have become more approachable for the masses as a result of this “watering down.” Both are available on nearly every street corner. (Except maybe, in Alabama where it has been banned in public schools for 25 years. WHAT?) Accessibility is helpful in delivery. When individuals have the opportunity to espouse a practice in small and large ways, depending on their desired path, no one is forced, only invited to explore their inner worlds. 


In the world at large, many people are living disconnected from themselves, from others, from their own experience of this one wild and precious life. It is as if there is a wall between people. I can’t help but think that throughout history this has been true as evidenced by repeated mass historic persecution of the “other,” to modern-day concentration camps on American soil, to the horror of recurrent school shootings. 


How can mindfulness help? Mindfulness reduces anxiety, depression, heart disease, and inflammation, just to name a few, and brings about self awareness that connects people, reducing the separations that our over scheduled, over stimulated lives promote. 


Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living defines mindfulness this way; “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.” That is a broad definition, the corner stone, in my opinion, is the essence of those two words, “non-judgmental presence.” Deeper inside the practices of mindfulness and yoga, (which is, simply put, mindful movement meditation,) is the opportunity to wake up and to recover aliveness, and recover connection to self and others. 


Want to go deeper? To recover aliveness? Explore 30 days of mindfulness with me. 

We won’t water it down, we will make it digestible and create a space and habit for practice. 

Each week will include:

Mindful Mondays- Inspiration in your inbox, will greet you with a simple practice for each week. You will be invited to go deeper, exploring body, mind & spirit.

Phone in Thursdays- Come together for a live call with an expansion on the week’s topic, and a guided meditation. This call will be recorded & distributed to the group ($400 value)

Community- Optional Facebook group building community to share 

Support- email coaching included ($400 value)

All for $197.97 : ) 

Use code MINDFULNESS for $50 discount

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More opportunities to explore mindfulness:

Modern-day Mindfulness September 26 at 8:15 am or 6:30 pm bring a friend, a neighbor or just your open mind and join me in the IHM school library for Modern-day Mindfulness. 60 minutes to explore mindfulness practices and experience how to integrate them into your life. FREE : )

Mindful yoga and Meditation Wednesdays in IHM gathering space, 30 minutes of Meditation at 2:30 pm and 60 minutes of Yoga beginning at 3:20 pm. Free will donation class.

Lori Bisser