Why are you doing that anyway?

Story time

Today, I want to share a story with you—one that I think you’ll find very relatable.

Creating anything from nothing is HARD. When I decided to create my full time life coaching business, it was a major life style change for me. (Read- “hardest thing I’ve ever done.”) Though I have reinvented myself repeatedly in my life and I know it takes time, tenacity and grit to start something new, frustration with learning new processes, managing technology, and staying in the creative flow are all like a series of summer popup storms thwarting the joy of splashing in the pool.

It would be easier to give up. LOTS EASIER and when things kept going wrong, the voice in my head would whine sneeringly, “Why are you doing this anyway?” Which inevitably caused stalling and hand wringing as the question whirled into other equally niggling thoughts, shackling my energy, making the processes even harder, pushing my goal farther away. All the second guessing was a huge drain and time suck. As those defeating thoughts beat up my will, imposter syndrome set in and I was unable to create anything. It felt like a total dead end.

Befriending the sneering whiner within. In my meditation time I realized, that “sneering whiner within,” was a part of me, like it or not. That squeaky wheel finally got the grease, once I decided to answer the question instead of allowing it to bully me into stuck-ness, and everything changed. When “Why are you doing this anyway?” would complain it’s way into my thoughts, with a compassionate, smile, I remembered my why and answered, “To help people keep creativity, connection and gratitude flowing in themselves and in the world. To help people to heal the disconnect between body, mind and spirit, to guide people through reinventing themselves, to inspire people to see the way through frustration with feeling stuck creatively, in dead end jobs, dead end relationships, dead end thoughts…To help lots and lots of people.”

Turns out that whining, questioning part of me led me back to my why. 

Do you have an inner whiner? Talk back honestly, compassionately, courageously.  No stalling. No staying stuck. Get in the flow and create what is in your heart, the life you’ve imagined, your dream job, your dream relationship. It’s waiting for you there when you transform your inner whiner into your inner guide.  : ) 

Want a compassionate, creative companion to help? Contact me. It is my specialty.


Lori Bisser