Yoga, The Breath and Kids in the Classroom


Yoga can help kids to improve their body awareness , emotional balance, self esteem and concentration.  Regular yoga practice can help kids to focus and learn, while breath work oxygenates the blood sending more oxygen to the brain to help in improve nerve function.  Which in turn makes calmer more engaged students. :)

Here are a couple of ways you can integrate yoga techniques into the classroom to help the kiddos function at their peak.  

-Have kids get up for a short stretch every 20 minutes.  Reach to the sky- reach to the floor.  Reach from side to side.  Set a timer if you need to, to help you remember.  

-Take time to practice 3 smooth yoga breaths (in and out through the nose) before each transition of activities.  Offer the option for kids to close their eyes if they choose to.

-Take them outside for something you would normally do inside even if it is just moving from one room to another, take the long way around the outside of the building - kids are spending more and more time inside and need more contact with nature.  - Be sure to stay hydrated whatever you do!  :)

Lori Bisser