Do Yoga?



One doesn't "do" yoga the same as people really don't "do" lunch.  We can't say we "play" yoga either as it is not a sport.  Practice is the verb usually associated with yoga, ---what exactly does that mean?

 The "practice" of yoga is not like preparing for a sporting event or musical recital, honing skills for competition or to display talents.  While often taught in a group setting, yoga remains a singular endeavor (except in the case of partner yoga.)  Rivalry and external praise for achievement are not part of the process.    

 Yoga is a self-discipline not unlike flossing, running, or eating the things that are good for your body.  These things are all done for health benefits and/or deeper enjoyment of our time.  

 Yoga is a form of self-care that tunes the body, mind and breath for better health and awareness.  The asanas, or physical postures or poses, and the pranayama or breath work link together to make up the discipline or practice of yoga.  The word yoga means to yoke or to unite.  Mindfully uniting yoga poses with breath preferably on a daily basis is what it means to “practice” yoga.  

Lori Bisser