Who Are Your Cheerleaders?


Part 2  

It is good to establish trusted confidants to support your endeavor -like a familiar version of a  life coach.  -Maybe more like an honest cheering section.  The key words here are "trusted," and "support." 

Trusted-Sometimes things need to be said that leave you vulnerable to criticism and open to opinion.  Be sure to choose your mentors in this endeavor wisely.   When you are sure your supporters are the kind that ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and then heed it, you will have found the right people to both cheer you on and and give helpful constructive suggestions.  

Support- Today support can be only thinly veiled enabling, which is not a   foundation for positive change.  Here is an example:  Susan tells Jane, "I am too tired to exercise!"  Jane's reply could sound something like this- "I'm with you! how are we supposed to do laundry, shop, cook drive the kids to practice, and fit in anything else?"  When our relationships are grounded in honesty and truly wishing the best for each other, the answer could go like this, "Maybe you could try something new, something that doesn't feel like a chore; a walk or play frisbee with the kids, or go dancing!"  Friends should help us to grow, not stagnate.  

Identify those who will "burst your bubble."  Into every life a little rain must fall, but that doesn't mean that you should go looking for the clouds!  There are plenty of nay-sayers in the world waiting for you to share your excitement about a new plan, so that they can say, in a lackadaisical perhaps nasal voice- "I tried that diet and I actually gained weight." or "yeah right - just like the last time you tried to change?" Never talk to these people about anything personal, they will sap your energy and bring over to the "dark side."  :)  Heed the adage, “First you make your friends then your friends make you,” both when choosing them and confiding in them.  

Be gentle with yourself, wherever you are is part of the journey

Lori Bisser