Me and my Friend, the Rain



Sitting outside today under the striped front patio awning after teaching an outdoor yoga class in the July sun, I was hoping to simply not melt as I enjoyed meeting with a group moving through life applications from Martha Beck’s book, “Diana, herself: an Allegory of Awakening. 

Our awesome leaders, life coaches, Carla J. Robertson and Wendy Battino invited us to journey through several aligning exercises with the intent of creating relationships. During the last meditation, Wendy asked us to connect with…something animate or inanimate. Connect with something…something. I love to have lots of choices, but –wow! -narrowing that down in the moment was a challenge- I was like a kid in a candy store. Then she offered, “Whatever captures your attention…” and suddenly, unexpectedly, rain began to pour down. I happily connected with the rain. 

I’ve been meditating and musing on how everything is connected elementally since I read the book. As instructed I introduced myself to the rain. I listened to what it had to say. It’s language varied from pattering on the awning to splatting into puddles… choosing it’s message as it liked - thrumming at times, gently tapping, or drip dripping. I waited for what the rain had to teach me today, listening, watching, waiting and simply being present to this force of nature. The temperature dropped, the air cooled my skin and a nearby coleus plant began to stand taller, reviving from a lack of turgor pressure.

The drops began to slow and I asked the rain to stay, to continue its journey back to earth. I got my wish. For the whole 7 minutes allotted, the rain continued in one form or another, pouring, pelting, trickling, rising as steam from the scorched driveway, and after the meditation time was done, when it actually stopped raining from the sky, the breeze picked up and the trees seemed to form clouds, releasing the moisture droplets as if they themselves were their own small climates. 

Wendy offered our homework, that we repeat this meditation again for an extended time. I was glad and sad at the same time, because I know the likely hood of sweet choreographed rain showers for my personal meditation time. I had become attached to the rain. My eyes filled with tears and there it was-- my answer from the rain, right there in my eyes…I am in you – we are connected. We are one. Elementally connected. How can we not love everything when we are made of the same stuff?  

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Lori Bisser