Craving a Little Laziness...



Summer time...

As i watch the birds playing in the fountain this morning all I can think of is that old adage, “lazy days of summer.” Spring was anything but lazy. It was lots of fun, full of parties and work, joy and tears. Nothing remotely like lazy. A couple of weeks ago my family left town for NOLA- hiding from house projects, laundry and weed pulling. There was nothing about this trip that was lazy either- we walked miles and miles and ate .e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. We listened to great music, were mesmerized by card tricks and art, beignets, mudbugs, insects and the awesome WW2 museum there. Craving a little laziness... SO I’m scheduling some lazy in this week. Ok, maybe lazy isn’t a “good” word. Rest. stillness.Time to ponder. 

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Lori Bisser