Encouragement: A Lovely Serenade


Walking Edison (AGAIN : ) early yesterday in the cold morning, I was starting to complain (in my head) about the frigid air, when the birds began to provide a lovely serenade. As we moved along, their music would fade as we left earshot of one nest and drew closer to a different variety of bird singing its own unique song.  The birds took my mind off the cold and offered encouragement to keep going, and it dawned on me that this is like every card I’ve ever received from my parents, like the supportive comments on Facebook from my mother-in-law on this very blog, like my students who often take the time to write me a note of thanks, or tell a story about how their lives have been touched, and even transformed in some way by my yoga teaching. 

We all need encouragement. The word en-courage-ment has “courage” right in the center. That is what it does, puts the courage in you to keep going when things are feeling a little cold or flat, after a setback or when self-talk just becomes unkind. A cheering section can fuel the work of your authentic self, your whole life really. Like the birds, they sing a song to make the walk lovely and inspire you to keep going.  

The world definitely needs more encouragers. Take a moment to recognize where your support comes from, and whom you inspire. Today is as good a day as any to offer encouragement to someone, anyone, with a note, a hug, a smile—even a lovely serenade.    : ) 

Lori Bisser