Afterglow & Soft Ground


Walking Edison this morning on the Tow Path along the canal to enjoy the unseasonably warm January weather created sweet introspective space to reflect in the afterglow from yesterday's awesome yoga mini-retreat.

There were almost no cars, no people and it wasn't yet fully light outside. As we moved along, I noticed my foot sinking into soft wet ground. The thought disturbed my musing on yesterday, "ick, dirty shoes..."

But nature speaks in parables, so as I picked my way along the path I thought, "When is soft ground a good thing?" ...Soft soil is good for receiving seeds, it's easier to dig and easier with moisture present to cause germination. The yoga mini-retreat was a lot like that. We worked the "ground" of the body to make muscles and mind more supple and receptive and even planted some seeds with new intentions and new practices. 28 people yesterday were open to "getting dirty" in the work of exploring the journey "of the self, to the self, through the self," as Buddha put it... Who knows what will grow out of it?

Lori Bisser