Be Prepared for Thanksgiving Deliciousness!


Ready to navigate the buffet line tomorrow?  En masse comfort foods are already being prepared to fill your holiday dish to brimming.  Thanksgiving is about abundance -right?  Well… perhaps focusing on the abundance of your life instead of the capacity of your plate would be a good first step to a guilt free feast.  Here are some tips to keep you from needing your stretchy pants.

1. Begin Thanksgiving Day by GIVING THANKS.  How appropriate right?  There are many ways to accomplish this, from the community aspect of attending a service with your faith community to the private act of starting a gratitude journal where you enter a daily list of 3 to 5 things you are thankful for.  Here’s another example of a fun way to give thanks that includes art, and children.  This will make you smile!

2. Get moving.  There are public run/walks in lots of cities to offer you scheduled exercise, or chose your favorite class or workout. This is not a holiday to vacation from your fitness plan.  As a wise friend often tells me, “I won’t regret it if I get up early to workout, only if I don’t.”

3. Drink lots of water.  Make this holiday the one where you see the benefits of staying hydrated.  Add a slice of lemon or lime to dress it up, but start early and get in your 8 glasses.  Not only will you feel less hungry helping with portion control, if you should happen to enjoy an adult beverage or two, your body will be better able to process these toxins.

4. Appropriate Portions.  Everyone prepares too much food on Thanksgiving. I think this might be a rule actually. When the mounds of mashed potatoes are passed to your waiting hands, don’t feel the need to create the mountain from Close Encounters, (unless of course it is a sculpture competition, and not for consumption, then by all means, feel free to super focus your skills until your pile “means something!”)  So many things will be passed, make your selections about one to two tablespoons full, and only of the things you love.  After one to two bites enjoyment diminishes, so only plan for the opening act, remembering that seconds are fine if firsts are sample sized!

5. Be present.  Truly enjoying your food means noticing the scent, presentation and texture and flavor fully of each bite that you put into your mouth.  Spend time between forkfuls being present to the family and friends around the table, really seeing and hearing them.  Who knows? Maybe one of them will end up your gratitude journal entry for tomorrow, as you attempt to appreciate them in a new way.

Lori Bisser