Advent & Yoga from a Christian Perspective


Prepare ye the way of the Lord... How do you do that?  I asked some friends this question and they said that they like to do things like giving gifts to those in need or donating money to organizations like Heifer international.  These are excellent things to do.  I wonder if maybe we can go deeper, personally experiencing Advent as a time of expectation, preparation and of waiting.    Spend some time this week as children make their Christmas lists, making a list of things you’d like to affirm in yourself, to change something, or maybe to strengthen a gift or trait you already possess.   Once you chose an affirmation, see what the Bible has to say about that aspect, practice or personality trait.  I’ll bet you will find amazing support for your endeavors there.  Write your affirmations with words that paint pictures and hold deep meaning for you, words that energize and move you!  Then throughout advent, affirm yourself with these words daily.  Expect the newness in you, prepare for it  and patiently wait for it to unfold in your life.  Aligning your desires with God’s word will make your advent an amazing season.  

During my yoga classes this month we will be practicing gratitude, stillness, openness to receiving, joy and abundance.  Linking these practices to poses that open our hearts, relax our bodies and affirm the truth in our lives. 

Lori Bisser