Sharing Gratitude

As you may or may not have heard, I am producing a podcast. For reals. The purpose of the offering is to increase gratitude in the world. Why? To bring people together. How does gratitude do that? Studies show that it is a relationship builder. Simply saying thank you, makes people more likely to build and maintain relationships with the “thanker." So, one purpose of this podcast to improve the possibility of deeper connections between all you and ALL the beautiful humans you meet everyday. Another result I am hoping for is to help anyone who listens to see gratitude in a deeper way, to practice gratitude through stories and shared perspectives…and ultimately increase the wellbeing, joy, love, humility and connection that springs from it. 

I Should Be Committed 

Gratitude is so transformative that I made a few commitments:

  1. To launch with 10 in the "can" so to speak. I am getting close, but I need more people to share their stories of gratitude. It takes very little time, like 17- 20 minutes on Skype with me to share your story of gratitude in action in your life. Don't worry I will coach you through it all! (Coaching is my wheelhouse: )

  2. To one year of this work, to share my gratitude and increase it in others. That's 52 stories! I would love it if one of them was yours.

  3. To make it really easy for the guests. I send you a sample and a scheduler and you can schedule any time this week or 8 weeks from now. Heck, 10, 15, 20 weeks!

  4. To make it a fun engaging conversational style story telling so that it is entertaining and moving for listeners.


If you are not sure what you are grateful for that could make for a meaningful story, let's talk, I bet I can help you find it!

If you are feeling called to help share your story and increase gratitude and healing in the world, click here to schedule. 

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More ways for us to connect

Ready for one on one life coaching? click below to schedule a free 20 minute chat to see how life coaching can help you.

I'm ready to reconnect mind body and spirit

So MANY Special Yoga-tunities:

RETREAT September 21st Soul unleashed yoga retreat, self care through mindfulness and yoga practices, a delicious catered lunch and an opportunity to reset for the new season of fall. Use coupon code BLISS to get in on early bird pricing here: 

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YOGA ON THE BEACH Join me on the beach at Trader’s Point July 27th for a special yoga event benefitting the Patachou foundation.

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YOGA WITH BABY GOATS I "kid" you not, so much cuteness combined with a sweet stretch at our own neighborhood Broad Ripple Farmer's can you say no? A portion of the proceeds goes to support the Broad Ripple Farmers Market 9:00 a.m. September 14th. 

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Mindfulness for businesses and schools:

Did you know, I offer a mindfulness experience called Modern Day Mindfulness for local businesses and organizations? I am happy to say, I am adding Mindful School programming starting in August! This comprehensive program encompasses teachers, parents and students to offer life long tools that reduce anxiety, depression and suicide. If you would like to bring the program to your office or school let’s talk. 

MINDFUL YOGA AND MEDITATION coming Wednesdays at 3:20 IHM gathering space, starting in September, stay tuned. 

WAIT ---- If you're still reading THANK YOU! Here's a bonus link, just in case it is playing in your head :) 

Beetles HELP!

Lori Bisser