My adoring fans?

Adoring fans

I just spent 75 minutes with 8 of my adoring fans. Seriously, when they were leaving each one wistfully said something like, “You are so awesome…” or “You are wonderful…” or “That was amazing…” A girl could get used to that. I had to remind each of them that it wasn’t me that made their time so great, if was their willingness to show up and offer their precious selves wholeness in 75 minutes of restorative yoga.

What’s really going on in restorative yoga…

During this time every Sunday we offer the body the gift of rest, inside of transformative, supported floor yoga poses. For the mind? Meditation, to bring peace and ease to their world weary brains shifting from firing up the amygdala (the seat of fight or flight,) to the pre-frontal cortex where we create and strengthen neural pathways for ease, peace compassion and kindness.

The Breath is guided to expand and slow under their mindful attention, shifting the experience from the fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system to the calm of the parasympathetic nervous system. All of it together to yoke mind body and spirit in a practice like no other. I just show up guide poses breath and meditation.

Super human students

In today’s over-scheduled world it takes a special person to turn up for a yoga class, but it takes someone almost super human to make time for a restorative yoga class. Most people can’t stand all that stillness. But now that you know more of the benefits, maybe you’ll give it a try.


I am so thankful for this practice. My students are the “awesome, wonderful, amazing,” ones who I am honored to hold space for.

Lori Bisser