Mindful Eating Part 2: Becoming an Intuitive Eater


It is important never to diet. Deprivation is not the answer.  Loving yourself abundantly is!  It is important to tune into the good things your body loves to eat.  AND I don’t mean junk food or convenience food.  Your body has been fooled into thinking these things are ‘good’ because you have confused emotions or boredom with hunger.  

To begin to tap into your intuition -plan a day - a whole day- to eat your favorite foods.  BUT only the ones that are good for you- whole foods.  What is your favorite vegetable?  Fish?  Fruit?  Grain? Now don’t even think about frying it or covering it up.  Eat it as close to the way God made it as possible- without  a lot of anything to get in the way of the flavor.  If your favorite thing is cheese then just have a little and eat it mindfully. IF you love pasta - mix half whole grain in with the type you usually use or just eat less.  Keep all portions reasonable.  Plate them like a great chef- or at least on a beautiful dish.  Take in the aroma, the color, the shape- take a bite and chew it in your whole mouth.  Notice the texture, the flavor... Chew your food longer than usual.  Stop eating when you start to feel full.  Notice how you feel after you eat these things?  heavy? full?  tired?  or energized, awake and refreshed.  Notice how the fuel that you put in serves your energy for the day.  

You have to choose to love yourself. Plan to eat foods that love you, love yourself enough to notice how the food makes you feel.  Accept the gift that God offers you in each of the bites you take.  -that’s amore!

Lori Bisser