Intention & Devotion

In yoga we work with intentions that we reiterate in our mind each time we bring our hands together in anjali mudra or “prayer.” A person’s intention can be anything they choose. Getting quiet, exploring ones authentic self, is a way to arrive at what intention to set. Intentions like; removing competition, embodying peace, and joy, or lovingkindness, are just some examples of what a person might want to grow in their life, and setting an intention can help. It is like an affirmation, but in some yoga classes you could have the opportunity to “remember your intention,” as many as 5-20 times. This simple action builds neural pathways in your brain around that thought, strengthening that aspect of yourself. 

When you think about devotion takes the practice of intention to the next level... what’s it like to be “devoted,” to something? It seems to require a bit more enthusiasm than intention. Enthusiasm’s root is Greek: enthousiasmos, to be inspired, the irregular form is entheos broken down: en + theos = in god. And so we are-always whether we recognize it or not. IN GOD as God is in us. What if we mindfully recognize what we are devoted to, harness this enthusiasm and then practiced that to the depth of devotion. Hear this difference: “My intention is peace.” or “I am devoted to peace.” Brings it more to life doesn’t it? What do you want to bring to life?

.....What are you devoted to?

Explore the depth with me March 18th Immaculate Heart of Mary Gathering Space 9-4 : )

Lori Bisser