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Throughout my life I have tried many different types of exercise but none inspired commitment, regularity or discipline for me the way that yoga has.  I prayed for peace, and wisdom to find the path that God had chosen for me.  Then, as life’s challenges pressed in I found that practicing yoga brought me peace and joy, the kind only found in God.    

My yoga journey began in 2002.  I was intrigued by the spiritual aspect of yoga, and yet confused by how it could align with my faith life.  As with most things, on a closer look, I found that yoga was not something separate from my religion, or any religion for that matter.  It is a personal journey inward toward the divine.  From there it is easy to see everyone as a child of God, as made in God’s image, as loved completely God.  

The word yoga means union.  A deepening union is just what I have found -  awakening mind, body & breath.


For years I have been intrigued by how my “super star,” coaching friends, “do life.” They seem to have a firm grip on who they are, show up unapologetically, and live a real joie du vive that I wanted to embody. On closer look these people weren’t so super human, they have simply learned to love themselves fully and in turn love the world enough to do the ongoing work it takes to step into their roles in life powered by authenticity and a no B.S. policy that fuels their purpose. I have always been a “helper.” It came as no surprise that on the enneagram I am a Two. I Love to help. As I started hosting yoga retreats adding more of a life coaching framework made sense to me. After much consideration I decided that my time had come. I completed life coach training with Martha Beck and have never looked back. It felt like a natural evolution and now, through life coaching and in concert with yoga and meditation I am guiding others to live lives framed with more ease, clarity and purpose one session at a time.